Rules for games in China

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Majiang Rules

Majiang is one of the most popular games in China. If you’re interested in learning more about this fascinating game, we’ll tell you about the different regional variations for majiang in China. We’ll also give you our own simplified version of the National Standard Chinese rules.

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Dice Games Rules

While you can see majiang played at homes, and Chinese Chess in the streets, you will find Chinese people playing dice games in nearly every club and karaoke establishment. The most popular game is called Shaizi (Shy-zuh), and it is very similar to Liar’s Poker.

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Chinese Card Games

There are numerous types of Chinese card games. In our guide, we’ll just show explanations of some of the most popular games, including Doudizhu (Struggle Against the Landlord), Big Two, and The Joker’s Way.

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Poker Variants

American Poker is also starting to develop a following in China. While most groups play the classic Poker games (Texas, Omaha, 7-Stud, etc.) we’ll also mentions some variants that we’ve seen played.

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Rules for Bund Majiang | 外滩麻将 (Wàitān Májiàng)

Bund Majiang is a simplified set of rules for the game Majiang (麻将), based on the official rules from the All-China Sports Federation (Guobiao Majiang 国标麻将). Since the rules are somewhat similar, you can think of Bund Rules Majiang as an introduction to the Official Guobiao Rules.


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