Majiang Rules

Majiang is one of the most popular games in China. You can see it played in nearly every household in every city in China. However, given the regional differences in China, trying to learn how to play majiang can seem confusing.

In our guide to majiang, we’ve tried to write down the basic rules for a few regions in China, as well as the new China National Standard majiang rules, and even our own simplified version. Nearly every household in China will have their own “table rules” so it’s absolutely critical you agree on the rules before your start playing!

Majiang Rules

Bund Majiang Rules

Bund Majiang is our own simplification of the Guobiao, or National Standard Rules. The Guobiao Rules are the official rules for international competition, but we believe they are hard to grasp for beginners of majiang. Bund Rules Majiang tries to simplify the rules for a balance of depth and playability.
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Download a Bund Majiang scorecard (PDF).

National Standard (Guobiao) Rules

The National Standard (国标, Guobiao) rules were created the China All Sports Federation, in the hopes of creating a standard for Chinese national and international competitions. The scoring has been criticized for being complex. However, these are the official rules, and the equivalent of “Mandarin” for majiang.
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List of alternative Rules

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World Series of Majiang Rules is an excellent Majiang resource, and the website has compiled a list of the general differences between the major types of Majiang:

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